We have many tools + templates for neighborhoods + business districts to guide more sustainable and compatible development on our historic main streets and corridors. Here are just a few. Contact us to learn more.


Vision Boxes

Our series of art and input suggestion boxes developed in partnership with Architecture for Humanity are a reusable resource available to gather community input.


Developer Engagement Policy

We have a template Neighborhood & Business Associations can adopt to help ensure effective participation, information sharing and follow up to community input. Much of our work helped inform the City's Notification policy but goes beyond to ensure that communities have enough information for timely access to information and deeper context assessment of how new development will fit with local context.

Walking Tours

Community architecture and design walking tours are an easy way to start understanding and documenting your local character, common design patterns, and identify your special buildings. We are happy to help lead tours as part of our pro-bono and low bono support to community groups, as well as neighborhoods and business districts.


Navigating growth and change, and the way that density and design intersect is complex and we can help with education and tools for goal setting, planning, and design. 

Community Input Gathering

We use a broad spectrum of methods to help gather community input from surveys and workshops, interactive art installations, mapping goals for special places and pop up events. Our goals are to ensure we capture as many voices as possible through creative ways that reach a diversity of stakeholders.

Historic Inventories

To help identify your community's goals and priorities for the future it can often be useful to identify what buildings and places are special. Many of these special buildings can be an inspiration to architects and developers if documented and the features you would like to encourage are identified. We have helped several communities identify their heritage buildings and these may inform future Historic Resource Inventories.

Sellwood-Moreland DRAFT Main St Design G

Design Guidelines

Created as a tool for any main street, our voluntary design guidelines help create better compatibility, sustainability + density with sensitivity. ​These can be used as a reference, adopted as local policy or customized for your community.

Stakeholder Workshops

Stakeholder workshops are a quick and easy way to bring together diverse audiences and build a shared vision. Let us support you by leveraging our expertise. We can help you with organizing, facilitation, presenting and promoting events to ensure broad reach and dynamic community engagement.

Grants & Fundraising

PDX Main Streets can provide support with securing funding for community projects including helping advise on possible financial resources, support with grant writing, and tapping incentives that may be available. We can also help with scoping goals and partnering on implementation.

Main Street Design Guidelines

Voluntary guidelines to create better compatibility, sustainability + density with sensitivity. 

Created as a tool for any Portland main street by grassroots community leaders, designers, and planners, in partnership with multiple neighborhood associations and business districts.

Development + Community Engagement Policy

Template any Neighborhood & Business Associations can adopt to help ensure effective participation, information sharing and follow up to community input

Vision Boxes | A Your Voice Matters Art + Input Project

Sample Letter to Developers+ Designers
Template for Neighborhood & Business Associations regarding design guidelines + community engagement policy

Key Sites Planning + Goals Template

Easy Testimony Form